What to expect once your family decides to move forward with ABA services.

At the start of services an assessment will take place to determine the level of the client and what the treatment plan will include. The actual assessment will be determined based on the intake interview and initial conversations with the Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). Possible assessment tools include but are not limited to:

  • The intake process includes insurance verification and an intake interview to discuss your family.
  • Your BCBA will contact you to discuss therapy-specfic information and schedule the initial in home assessment.
  • An assessment appropriate to your child will be conducted and an assessment report and suggested treatment plan will be developed.
  • Following insurance approval, if needed, therapy sessions will be scheduled.
  • The BCBA will initially attend each session in order to introduce and supervise all therapists working with your family.
  • Once the family and therapy team are comfortable with services the therapists will continue to run 1:1 services with your child at regularly scheduled times. Supervision from the BCBA will be based on need, appropriate to the number of hours your child receives. The BCBA is always available to contact with questions or concerns.
  • At a minimum your team will meet at least once per quarter to review progress and discuss future development of goals. These meetings are encouraged to occur once per month if necessary and every other week at the start of services.