The ABC’s of Behavior

The ABC's of BehaviorAutism itself does not cause challenging behaviors. It is likely, however, that some of the underlying biological processes that result in autism might also result in behaviors that are outside of a person’s control. Also, some behavioral responses are simply reflexes—no more of a choice for your child than when your leg jerks upward when the doctor uses his hammer on your kneecap.

n the field of Applied Behavior Analysis, the three components that are documented and considered in looking at a specific behavioral episode is called A-B-C (antecedent-behavior-consequence) analysis, and include the following components:

■ a clear description of the behavior (behavior)

■ the situation, events and conditions that occurred before the behavior began (antecedent)

■ the situation and events that immediately followed the behavior (consequence)

Shifting our thinking from how a particular behavior affects us (and the siblings, the classmates, the furniture, etc.) to what might be happening from the individual’s perspective is an essential step in finding ways to understand behavior. Understanding the behavior will allow you to support the replacement of disturbing or maladaptive behaviors with functional skills.

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