The Importance of  Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention

Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention (EIBI) is a way of describing therapy based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA therapy). Extensive research has shown that early intensive behavioral intervention (EIBI) can significantly improve the chances of positive outcomes for children with developmental or behavioral issues.

How Does EIBI Work?

Many techniques are used under the umbrella of EIBI but all are based on the application of behavior analytical principles. This includes identification and modification of :

Antecedents – The events, action(s), or circumstances that occur immediately before a behavior. The antecedent could be anything from a question from a teacher to the presence of another person. Changes of environment can also be common antecedents.

Consequences – The outcome of the behavior. The consequence is crucial as it often inadvertently extends the behavior.

Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention aims to improve a child’s overall functioning across a range of areas and alter the developmental trajectory of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

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